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Midway in the season
by June Allen


July 08, 2004

Here we are, approaching the middle of July -- and that's the half-way mark of the cruise ship visitor season. The streets and shops are crowded with excited visitors enjoying their adventures, seeing all the sights and...very often... asking the funniest questions! Those delightful tourist questions and observations will brighten even our the grayest, chilliest, wettest mid-winter day! And don't think you Ketchikan folks are the only ones in Alaska to hear some lulus from our eager visitors.

A Fairbanks News-Miner columnist recently included in his column a couple of tourist comments that more than equaled our own Ketchikan whoppers! Up there, the trans-Alaska pipeline is one of the sights tourists are eager to see. Along the highway just north of Fairbanks visitors can see a section of the oil pipeline up close, at that location a long stretch of shiny, four-foot-across pipe nestled on sturdy stilts.

One lady tourist remarked that "she was sure she could hear the oil barrels clanging" as they traveled down the pipeline to Valdez!

Another, after hearing a tour guide's little talk about the pipeline being cleaned by a device called "a pig" that is sent down the pipeline regularly, said, and I quote courtesy of the News-Miner, "That poor pig! I wonder what shape he was in when he got out of there!"

You gotta love it! I for one think life is all about human foibles and laughter! So save your funny tourist remarks and share them with us!

June Allen
Palmer, AK - USA



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