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Everyone can help make it better....
by Archie Inoncillo


July 07, 2004

I agree with Brandi Conway on this thing about the 4th being pretty lackluster. I remember the years where there were so many booths filling four rows and EVERYONE went especially people from the ships. I can remember we had great ones like the Tae Kwon Do booth where you could test your strength. I remember getting snow cones and all that great stuff. Nowadays, it's not much. I went down there this year to not spend a single dollar because it didn't seem too worth trying. I appreciate all of those who did set up booths though. It was a good job by them to keep the things going.

But why has it been declining since the past years? Do people have no more time to do such things? Has it been lack of interest or do people have other places to go to celebrate the 4th of July? Honestly, where has it all gone?

I miss those days. I remember when I looked forward to 4th of July here in this city of Ketchikan. I wonder how the kids felt? I'm sure they had a hell of a time, but I think we could've made it even more enjoyable. I know I'm just spitting words because I'm a do-nothing soon-to-be college student, but I'm more of the talker and idea giver than the planner and such. So if anyone, for next year, get some of those awesome booths going. Make some crazy ones for next year, it'd be totally great. And ALSO....

Why can't we get a battle of the bands playing down on the dock also? Is that too much of disturbing the peace if we have a little thing like we do for Blueberry festival out on the dock? How would that cause trouble and disturbance for the 4th of July? I mean everyone is out and about being loud anyway And it gives local musicians and bands a place to showcase their songs and talents for another time other than just playing at the Blueberry festival, because I know exposure is a very hard thing to get done here sometimes...

Personally, I would love to have music playing while I try to win a prize at the bean bag toss or the coin toss or whatever. And that little band setup would even probably make some cash also for something. People wouldn't have to pay to see the local musicians play, but they could at least give a small generous donation for some charity or to pay the electrical bill for amps, speakers, and everything.

Anyway, I hope for next year, I can help somehow and make it better. I hope everyone can help make it better in someway. After all it is OUR 4th of July celebration. If we don't do the work, it shows that we probably don't care and we might as well not have booths down by Tongass anymore.

So let's get crackin for next year, I know it's 360-something days away but still. Just keep the idea in mind mmkay? Thanks a bunch everyone.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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