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Thanks, Bill
by Dave Kiffer


July 06, 2004

As befits an "election year" Fourth of July Parade there were several floats boosting the candidacy of local and Southeast hopefuls (Vote Landis! Vote Stedman! Vote Shay! Vote Allen-Herron! Vote Elkins!)but one familiar name was not among them and that should also be noted.

Rep. Bill Williams is retiring after serving District One in the state legislature since 1992. A decade is several lifetimes in the often bitter world of Alaskan politics and yet Rep. Williams has managed to maintain his cheerful "twinkle" while serving this area extremely well, especially during his years at the head of the resources, transportation and finance committees.

It was odd not to see "The Representative" marching in this year's Parade, but he's already walked a lot of miles for this community and I just wanted to say thanks!

Dave Kiffer
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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