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by Brandi Conway


July 01, 2004

Mr.Droke, I couldn't agree with you more about not living in the past. I too am tired of hearing about all the evil the white man has brought to the natives. Some forget about life being about choices and how one is responsible for the choice they make.

I am hoping that Alaska or Southeast Alaska anyway will one day be known as logging communities. I see no reason why we shouldn't log the Tongass National Forest - think of all the jobs it would bring. Right now creating new jobs is more important to me then a tree that is 400 years old. I say great, cut the tree down for that tree should supply lots of wood.

Gosh, what really saddens me is how Ketchikan seems to be dying or becoming too political. I have seen for years too many good and valuable programs cut. First our schools lost out on programs like PE, music, etc. Then they started cutting funding for after school programs, or sports/traveling. Just when you think we couldn't sink any worse than what we have, the assembly cuts the Alaskans For Drug Free Youth program. It is my opinion that Alaskans For Drug Free Youth should never have ever been cut. However, it does seem that when a program seems to do really good it gets tossed away for some reason or the other.

I better end here cause I know I can rant and rave forever....

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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