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This is 2004 not 1804...
by Timothy Droke


July 01, 2004

Mr. Hoff this is 2004 not 1804 and I do respect your opinion. I am very much aware of the sordid history and the struggles of native peoples, my mother has told me many stories from her youth and my grandfather was uprooted and sent to school in Pennsylvania to become "civilized" by people who knew what was good for Indians.

The stories of being discriminated against are something I have been told and yes I do know my history and who I am. I have never said the State or any government entity is without fault. I have no idea where you got that idea. However I also am aware that this is a modern world and no matter how much you may lament for the "good old days" when there were no white people around it is not going to happen.

I am not suggesting we forget the past but we must adapt and make the best of the situation. Also Mr. Hoff please don't suggest that I am apathetic towards the desecration of Indian graves that is no where near what I said and I don't appreciate the suggestion that I am, however there are Federal Laws against such crimes.

When it comes to economics the equation is a simple one of supply and demand; the more land available (competition) the cheaper the price.

Timothy Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA


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