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Open Letter: KETCHIKAN GATEWAY BOROUGH MAYOR & ASSEMBLY RE: The Ketchikan Pride Alliance funding 

By Rob Holston


June 02, 2022

I agree with Mayor Rodney Dial’s VETO rationale. Advocacy groups may exist without being divisive but the LGBTQ+ agenda is not among such causes. 

As a Christian I would like to get KGB to fund efforts to educate all non-Christians to the timeless truth of God’s word. Perhaps we could get special funding to set up a counseling office to help members of the two major religious cults that exist in our fair community? 

I would like to seek funding for an alternative public radio station that gives more than left wing sides of stories when covering or choosing not to cover such controversial topics such as: Donald Trump, Black on Black crime, border security, election fraud, Hunter Biden, White Supremacy, etc. As Paul Harvey once said, “And now, the rest of the story.” 

As past chairman of the 40 Days For Life Ketchikan prayer vigil I would certainly seek funding to educate women on the scientific truths that all successful abortions end an innocent human life and that the life ended was NOT a part of HER body but was indeed a living HUMAN individual body. Science of course knows this FACT but we need funding to get out the message. 

The community also needs to address the need for those who question their natural sexual identity and offer a clinic that can serve them with Conversion Therapy. If such a local clinic would be too expensive, perhaps a budget for transporting vulnerable individuals to such clinics down south would be an alternative solution. 

That being said, I have acquaintances who are LGBTQ+ and I have no phobia against them or malice towards them. I don’t deny them their place in the fabric of life and many add to the richness of our culture. They do not, however represent a lifestyle that I would want my tax dollars promoting. 


Rob Holston,
KGB resident since 1981
Past Chairman, 40 Days For Life Ketchikan 
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received May 28, 2022 - Published June ,2022

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