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Please do not vote for Trump

By Hallie Engel


June 26, 2020
Friday PM

Dear Sitnews readers,

Please listen to me. Consider my words carefully.

Donald Trump doesn't care if you die. He does not care. Not one bit.

Throughout his presidency, he has helped the wealthy and well-connected. He has not helped normal people, because he does not care about them.

Until the epidemic, the effects of this were somewhat harder to see. When it caused deaths, it was a little more indirect and could be blamed on other things. Now that we have a lethal virus making its way around the world, things have become much clearer.

Tens of thousands of Americans have died. Trump started by calling the virus a 'hoax' and downplaying its severity. Watch videos of his rallies for proof of this. When it became harder to deny how desperate the situation was, he began lying and floundering.

He started blaming Obama, who has been out of office for years. He began saying the virus would magically go away. He drafted his inexperienced and inept son-in-law to help.

There still is no plan - no single, cohesive strategy to help us through this. If there was, we would all know about it. We are on our own when we should have leadership and guidance.

Now he is demanding the economy fully reopen. He is not doing this because it's safe, or because we are ready.

He is doing this because he thinks that if he can improve the economy, even if that kills thousands of people, he will win again. And winning is all that matters to him.

Your life, my life - they mean nothing in his eyes. He only thinks of himself.

Please, do not vote for him this fall. Put your life, and the lives of your loved ones, first. A vote for him may well be a vote for your own death.


Hallie Engel
Portland, Oregon

About: Former Ketchikan resident


Editor's Note:

The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.

Received June , 2020 - Published June 26, 2020

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