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By David G Hanger


June 09, 2018
Saturday AM

I have never watched either of these two programs, but there are very good reasons why the one should be instantly canceled and the other should not. Despite the brunette who went out of her way to glorify herself in explaining her reasons why she will no longer be watching Samantha Bee, there are two fundamental reasons why this is not in any sense justified or, for that matter, even rational.

Equating a successful black woman with a monkey is as repulsively racist as you can get, and there is no excuse for that deplorable behavior. Nor is there forgiveness. Roseanne Barr has been spewing racist crap for a long time on her time, and there is no question she is what she says. She is a white supremacist, and, yes, by definition she is an extreme racist. And she is not, and never has been, really funny at all.

I think the use of certain words in public forums are uncalled for. F-bombs and C-bombs and D-bombs and MF-bombs just really don’t belong. But science also teaches us that in duress even the most pious among us have a proclivity to swear, to curse loudly and repeatedly. In effect it dampens fear. Had Samantha Bee referred to Ivanka as a “feckless crook” instead of a “feckless c---“, I would have complained about the use of the word ‘feckless’ to describe her crookedness, but I rather imagine that most of you ‘righties’ and ‘Trumpistas’ would object to calling her a crook, another ‘C’ word. Attractive she may be, but she is also a crook who is routinely violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution and is also involved in alterations to our foreign policy for no other reason than to get Jared and her daddy loans and favorable treatment for their business endeavors in foreign countries. That is as dishonest as you can get.

That, of course, is the first point. You, not I, have chosen the low road, and so on those rare occasions when that low road gets stuck in your face like a mirror, you have no right to whine about anything. Your “Divine Leader” (and Putin puppet), and wannabe king or dictator for life, Donald J. Trump, has in fact endorsed utilization of the ‘C’ word in public forums by using it himself to refer to certain women no fewer than three times, starting with then Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

So if you want to fire Samantha Bee for rude public statements, you need to fire that other crook in the White House thrice over first.

Nor is it rational to even consider firing her for one simple reason. That is what Donald J. Trump demanded, using his office as President to try to intimidate a private employer is a fundamental violation of his office and the standards anyone should expect from a President of the United States. This cretin is Joe McCarthy reincarnate, a bully and a mobster who knows only how to threaten; so toss him a binkie and tell him to shut up.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received June 04, 2018 - Published June 09, 2018

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