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Gov Walker's 5th Special Session

By Marvin Seibert


June 22, 2016
Wednesday PM

We are now in the grips of Governor Walker's calling for a 5th special session. Special sessions were not instituted till the governor of a state gets his way. Taxes being considered will have a devastating effect on the people who can afford it the least.

It seems to me that some taxes are not being considered or just not discussed seriously that would have a small impact on the Alaska Residents. Here's just a few suggestions:

Why aren't we talking about a large state sales tax on Marijuana like other states? A 10%+ or more state sales tax on top of a sales tax by the cities does not seem unreasonable. Colorado for example has a 10% sales tax on recreational marijuana on top of the sales tax the individual cities get. Taxes in other states are being considered also as high as 25%, with the potential problems this recreation can cause I see no problem with that. Look at what other sin taxes are collecting.

Why does this state not have a connection to the Powerball lottery? Currently 44 states are involved in Powerball. No matter how little this brings in, it is new revenue, isn't that what the special session is all about?

Another suggestion would be a 1% tax on all boat sales over $100,000. With all the boat transactions in Alaska there would be a measurable amount of revenue from that source.

Now I realize my 3 suggestions are only a start and those 3 alone may not bring in much revenue but the old saying is "How do you eat an Elephant, one bite at a time".

Those type of taxes are much more preferable than PFD cuts or limits and a state income tax to name a few. Trying to make up the deficit all in one session is a fool's errand and we should not go down that road. The economy is fragile right now a draconian cuts in people's income will have a devastating effect on its recovery.

Marvin Seibert
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received June 21, 2016 - Published June 22, 2016

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SitNews - June 20, 2016


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