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Obama Trade agreement:
Has Rep. Young read the bill?

By A. M. Johnson


June 08 2015
Monday PM

Editor Sitnews,

The question of our Representative having had read the content on President Obama's Trade Agreement or has worthy knowledge of the content is important as the voices out of Washington D.C. are indicating that Congress is pulling another Democrat inspired "We have to vote on it to see what is in it" bit of trickery. It is sounding as though the Republicans are playing along in another act of allowing this President to void the Constitution or that America does not bend to the United Nations on matters of sovereignty subjects there of which are purported to be contained deep within the framework of this agreement.

Now the next day it is reported that a Congressional Republican Representative pushing the Obama Trade Bill, has admitted not reading the bill!!! What does Rep. Young have to say: Have you read the bill?
curious people wish to know. (click here)

A. M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

The following letter has been submitted to Representative Young regarding the up coming vote by the House of Representatives on President Obama's Trade Agreement.

To " Representative Young,

I most recently wrote to your attention regarding the upcoming vote on President Obama s trade agreements. The concern then was if you had read the content of the proposed agreement and were cognate of the what was held within the documents. While it is too early to have the response requested to that question, the following has come to my attention with regard to the the document contents.

It is requested confirmation or denial of the following offerings of what is purported to be contained in the agreement be verified or denied as being untrue or mis-characterized of the agreement wording and intent.
I have copied our local on line newspaper with this post to your attention. This is done to alert as many constituents as possible as to the consequences of a ill-advised vote or worst, a uneducated vote on the Obama Trade agreement.

Your response is awaited with some anxiety."


Here are some of the things that ObamaTrade does, according to one source:

Only two of its 26 chapters actually cover trade issues such as tariffs and quotas.
Obamatrade would submit the U.S. to the jurisdiction of international tribunalsestablished under the auspices of the United Nations or World Bank.

Obamatrade would surrender control of 544 million acres of public land a quarter of the entire U.S. land area to international authorities.

It would establish a system of foreign tribunals higher in authority than even the U.S. Supreme Court that could overrule federal court rulings

Obamatrade would shift decisions over the payment of U.S. tax dollars away from Congress and outside of the Constitutionally-established Article III federal court system (or even U.S. state system) to the authority of international tribunals.

Obama's agreement would obligate the federal government to force U.S. states to conform state laws to 1000 pages of rules, regulations and constraints unrelated to trade from land use to whether foreign firms operating in a state can be required to meet the same laws as domestic firms.

Obamatrade would empower foreign companies to use foreign tribunals to enforce special privileges only available to them. Obamatrade would exempt foreign companies from EPA and other onerous regulations that American firms would still be forced to comply with.

Under Obamatrade, foreign companies could actually go to an international tribunal and sue American taxpayers for cash awards to compensate them for costs associated with government regulations something American-owned companies would not be able to do.

Obamatrade rewrites the global rules of the Internet to impose restrictive rules that Congress rejected when it rejected SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.

The TPP includes some 26 separate chapters that affect our sovereignty, jobs, businesses, farms, food, consumer safety, immigration, the Internet and more.

Moreover, according to Forbes, under the draft provisions of the TPP to be leaked by Wikileaks, countries could be barred from trying to control where their citizens personal data is held or whether it's accessible from outside the country.

cc: Sitnews-Ketchikan

Received June 07, 2015 - Published June 08, 2015



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