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Let’s be Fast & Furious and dump Congress
By Katheryn Burson


June 25, 2012

The Fast & Furious saga drama has dragged on for more than a year and a half.  Subpoenas have been ignored.  Congress has dragged its feet.

Republicans and Democrats both should be on the same team and demanding the truth.  Our President should have been outraged at what has happened and removed Eric Holder from office simply because he has lost the confidence of the public and many public officials.  The appearance of such wrong doing should have been sufficient to require prompt removal from office.  If nothing else, he is incompetent and does not know what is happening in his own department.

Instead, President Obama, simply stated he learned of this operation from the news media, which in itself is pitiful, now claims executive privilege over something he clearly said he knew nothing about.  

This is a massive cover up, just as Watergate was.  It is taking up time and resources.  This along with all of the corruption and lack financial responsibility should make us demand a clean out and replacement of most of Congress with true citizen representatives who will actually take the Oath office seriously and support  our the Constitutional rights.

We cannot drag our feet in the same fashion as Congress.  We must vote them out. If you are not familiar with the Get Out of Our House method of doing this, then check out their web site (  It is the solution to getting our power back.

Katheryn Burson
Houston, TX


Received June 22, 2012 - Published June 25, 2012



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