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Ocean acidification
By Mike Svenson


June 20, 2012

Laine Welch's fish report this week about ocean acidification was the usual environmental  talking point. She wants us fishermen to be all upset about this and blame coal plants, oil refineries, cars, etc. But in the summertime in Alaska there are probably at least 3000 diesel boats running around putting out smoke.

As usual environmentalist and their allies in the press are gung-ho on going after big oil and big coal, and the damage they do to us they don’t really care about. Laine Welch has been a covert spokesman for the environmental groups for a long time and fishermen should not fall for that she is our friend. She needs to be asked what does she think fishermen should do when the oil refineries are creating diesel for us to burn in our boats or oil to heat our homes when it's cold out -- which is all the time now.

I'll bet that she still flies around, drives a car, and heats her house. I believe this has nothing to do with ocean acid but everything to do with bringing the U.S. to its knees.

Mike Svenson
Sitka , AK

Received June, 2012 - Published June 20, 2012

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