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The Case for Burying S 881
By Alan Stein


June 24, 2010

Two of America's most open and transparent Senators are on a campaign to keep legislation they wrote and cosponsered behind closed doors.

They must think Alaskans are too dumb and lazy to examine the new and improved sweetheart provisions contained in the revisions toS 881, the infamous Sealaska Land Grab Bill.

Lisa and Mark are right

They are protecting Alaskans from themselves.

Why should anybody but those who play ball get a peak at the revisions?

You pay up or stay cold out on the street.

I hear Murkowski wrote the now famously discredited lines to Obama's campaign speech.

You know. The one Mark always quotes with angelic innocence.

The one that says: "One of the most fundamental values we hold as Americans is that government should be open and transparent."

How unfair is it for the public to expect politicians to live up to their words?

Words are just something you say on the campaign trail.

Why would Alaskan Senators want to live by those words?

Mark and Lisa have three good policy reasons why S 881 should be restricted to only those who contribute to their campaigns.

  • publishing the revisions is going to make the public sick and the public has a right to health.
  • releasing the revisions to S 881 might cause controversy all over again and nobody wants to do that before a tough primary fight, especially when your opponent has 500,000 compared to 2,000,000, almost half of which comes from Big Oil.
  • releasing the revisions will anger Alaskan enough they will vote for someone other than Murkowski

Yeah, I think it best Lisa keeps S 881 under wraps before digging a hole and burying it six feet under.

Alan Stein
Mendocino, CA

About: Former Director of the Salmon Bay Protective Association

Received June 23, 2010 - Published June 24, 2010



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