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Bill Walker has an Alaskan Plan!
By Barb Lander


June 21, 2010

Bill Walker, Republican gubernatorial candidate deserves your consideration. He is a lifelong Alaskan that like most real Alaskans has a broad and varied background. Most recently he has worked as a lawyer focusing primarily on oil and gas issues, but he has also done construction, worked as a laborer building the pipeline and had a stint commercial fishing.

I met Bill Walker quite by accident and at the time I could care less about a gubernatorial candidate I had never heard of. I didn t care much about oil and gas issues either I did not connect the endless blather in the news about oil and gas with financial solvency. Alaska has money now; what is going to be different about tomorrow? I am from Ketchikan, oil and gas is a mainland Alaska issue. But, as a registered nurse, I do care about healthcare; I was on my way to Juneau to lobby in support of health care issues near and dear to my heart. Bill Walker listened to my spiel; just as Sean Parnell had listened to it two months earlier. Bill Walker contacted me with good questions and suggestions FIVE times over the next three days and again a month later when my legislation passed. He heard and understood what I said.

Bill Walker campaigns unabashedly as a one issue candidate: An All Alaska pipeline for liquid natural gas. He wants to make energy affordable for all Alaskans. Bill knows that Alaskans and their can do attitude can take cheap energy and combine it with the Alaskan resources and make this state an economic power house. Affordable energy will make everyone s life better food and transportation will be cheaper, home heating will be cheaper; the benefits go on.

As my chance meeting with Bill Walker illustrates he cares about ALL issues that affect Alaskan s: but understands that to take care of anything else it is going to take a steady and reliable income. His plan will insulate Alaska from the economic woes that are plaguing our country and the rest of the world.

We need Bill Walker for governor while we still have a vibrant state to save; before we are bogged down in the economic woes that plague many other states; before Alaskan s have to face the hardship that would be a state income tax. Before fiscal necessity shuts down our schools, hospitals and returns our transportation infrastructure to the pioneer days.

Please vote for Bill Walker on August 28 in the primary and again in November. This man has an Alaskan plan.

Barb Lander
Ketchikan, AK

About: "10 year Ketchikan resident, RN."

Received June 18, 2010 - Published June 21, 2010


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