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Re: A letter to North Tongass residents
By Daylene Currier


June 17, 2010
Thursday PM

I applaud Rodney Dial's ambition and his open-mindedness to this issue. So many people argue about what is right and wrong, and of course, theirs is the only opinion that ever matters.

I truly respect that Mr. Dial made very valid arguments against the proposed expansion of the fire department only after you conducted research on the issue and became an INFORMED citizen. I respect that Mr. Dial looked at the fire department's side and tried to understand the reason for the proposed changes. I respect that Mr. Dial has invited fellow residents to do their homework and find their voice. And above all, I love that Mr. Dial offered solutions to what has been identified as possibly problematic situations.

The questions Mr. Dial posed to Chief Hull are all very good questions and the suggestions you presented are all worth a closer look. I anticipate a well thought-out response to all of these questions as well. I would be incredibly disappointed if Mr. Dial's letter was left unaddressed.

Thank you, Mr Dial, for being the voice of reason on this issue. I hope this matter is resolved in a reasonable, diplomatic way that is pleasing to all involved.

Daylene Currier
Ketchikan, AK


Received June 16, 2010 - Published June 17, 2010


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