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From Bias to Adoration.
By Tina Terry


June 22, 2009

Thanks for the Browns' excellent article, "From Bias to Adoration..." I, too, continue to marvel at the continuing breathtaking idiocy of the media's "useful idiots," which relentlessly keeps expanding instead of contracting.

The only thing I can attribute it to is an unholy melange of cognitive dissonance and the desperate need of the "true believers" to be right, even though the evidence of their folly grows exponentially every hour. We know that sooner (probably not later, given the speed at which things are going to hell in a handbasket with the Usurper at the helm), their bloated denial balloon will burst.

Unfortunately, the hot air with which it's so quickly and grotesquely distending is, IMHO, mixed with a frightening quantity of about the worst dung I can think of, so the inevitable explosion/implosion is guaranteed to be messy and stinky beyond our wildest imagination. When this occurs, also unfortunately, this exploding dreck will cover us all - those who voted for their Obamesiah, praying to him and their deity, god-vernment, to save them, and those of us Cassandras who warned against bringing that big horse inside the city gates. Yes, Cassandra - we know what happened to her. I fear for my country, my family, myself, even though I know God is in charge.

Below is a link to a BIG sign of the impending explosion, sent to me by my friend, consitutional attorney, Lowell (Larry) Becraft, might be of interest to you. As Larry put it, God help America.

Although God knows, we don't deserve it.

God bless.


Tina Terry
Huntsville, AL

Received June 22, 2008 - Published June 22, 2009

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