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By Roberta "Bobbie" McCreary


June 15, 2009
Monday PM

A very BIG thank you to the following people WITHOUT WHICH we would not have had a really cool YOUTH ART AUCTION that earned nearly $1000 for our young artists.

Miguel Torres, who not only charms the audience into spending (when they didn't really intend to), but especially shines the spotlight on the young artists which is awesome to see. Thank you for affirming and encouraging their talent and contributing your OWN SPECIAL PERSONALITY that adds so much to the energy of the event and makes everyone feels valued and glad to have come.

Bonnie Paddock, who stepped forward to put structure into the event, THANK GOODNESS. You really helped us think about how to do this and then came through to make it happen. You made such a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Judy Zenge and your staff, for having the MALL STEP FORWARD to offer the space, guide our planning, provide staff support and deal with "difficult issues." KYI will enjoy working with you to continue to find ways to highlight youth achievement and channel them into productive activities. Also thank you to you and the mall for your help, courtesy and generosity!

Sandy Shepherd, thank you for your ENTHUSIASM to support our youth artists, for your expertise in helping us focus on how to stage the auction with your EYE FOR ART and experience in pricing. We wouldn't have had a clue! Thank you for your beautiful and CREATIVE ART PIECE that supported our raffle.

Susan Peters and your hard-working staff for your incredible offer to turn our good art into GREAT ART with professional matting and in supplying extra materials. This made a huge difference in the way the "Art Gallery" looked and certainly in attracting bids.

Colleen Brown, Sandy was rightyou were a life saver as you worked hard and long to turn the last minute contributions into AWESOME ART with your matting. Thank you so much for your cheerful, "shoo, shoo, let me get to work."

Jeff Fitzwater Thank you for your donation of your INCREDIBLE photographYour raffle prize added a special feature to our event.

Kevin Gadsey and Beth La Crosse, You guys are awesome and did a wonderful job of keeping on top of the auction items with records, receipts and MONEY ACCOUNTED FOR. You MADE IT LOOK EASY, and I know it wasn't!

Mira Wilhelm, Rita Carro and Rita "helpers" You kept the registration process working smoothly and were a great help in keeping our "runners" running with the right art work! I know you were doing this all VERY WELL because I didn't even have to think about it! THANK YOU FOR QUIET EFFICIENCY.

TairaWilhelm and your group ­ Your ENTHUSIASM and expertise were greatly APPRECIATED. I'm looking forward to hearing about your fund raising ideas.

Kevin Sarber, Allan Manuel, Ty Rettke, Bob Fultz, Denise Whitton, Joron Whitton, Daniel Williams, Naomi & Amber Updike; THANK YOU KYI BOARD MEMBERS -- (in addition to those above) for your support throughout this process. Kevin and Allen throughout as we encouraged youth artists to participate and worked on the publicity; Bob, Denise, Joron, Daniel, you are always there to help with A SMILE and that is SO APPRECIATED. Naomi and Amber, thanks for the dessert support.


Roberta "Bobbie" McCreary
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 13, 2008 - Published June 15, 2009


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