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Statehood Day
By Alan R. McGillvray


June 30, 2008

When I was a young sprout, wasn't even interested in girls yet, my younger brother and I were over at Minnich's house on 3rd Ave. up by the High School, playing around, when we heard the sirens go off. So we all knew that the STATEHOOD vote was up in the Senate of the U.S.A. govt. and it finally went in our favor.

The sirens all over town and the new STATE went off sounding in the air for miles around.

David and I heard them start, we headed downtown. When we got there, my Great Uncle Clyde Mcgillvray's flatbed truck was there with the local band setting up their instruments. (My grand-dad Max McGillvray, was the drummer): We danced on Mission St. that night, we were so overjoyed to be a part of the GREAT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

What a wakeup call the last 50 years has been. Of course the U.S. govt. has WAY to much invested (militarily) to let us go our own way in the world. The U.S.Govt. went to the U.N. (UNITED NATIONS) asked permission to NOT hold a plebiscite to ask US Alaskan Citizens if we even wanted to be a part of the U.S. or Our Own Country, as the World Governing Body's Charter allowed.

I feel we should have developed our own Country, with the help and foreign aid available at the time of our STATEHOOD. In addition, I also call for every extractive industry in our GREAT STATE to pay some portion of their income into the STATE OF ALASKA Permanent Fund Principal Account. Not just BIG OIL. If we ALL paid into the FUND it would be much richer and we would all enjoy larger benefits. Including the fact we would ALL benefit.

Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I've lived in KTN off and on for 50 s0me odd years. First time home was in '46 amd I was raised here, "

Received June 28, 2008 - Published June 30, 2008


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