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Oil from ANWR/ gas price reduction
By Marlowe Thompson


June 28, 2008

I have no expertise in the petroleum business. I am retired and trying to convince my U.S. Representative Democrat Mike Thompson (no relation) to change his view and vote to drill in ANWR. He stated in a letter to me that it would take too long, 10 years, to get oil to the Lower 48 and would only lower the gas price about 1.5 cents.

As I read about Prudhoe Bay the amount of petroleum being pumped has dropped from 1.5 m bbl/day to 630,000 bbl/day. Would it be feasible to erect a pipeline from ANWR to Prudhoe Bay and pump 830,000 bbl/day? Do you know how to compute the reduction of gas price per 100,000 bbl of crude sent out? I would like to read responses.

Marlowe Thompson
Crescent City, CA


Received June 27, 2008 - Published June 28, 2008


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