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By Patricia M. Davidson


June 19, 2008
Thursday PM

Dear Friends:

I am encouraging all Senior Citizens to join me in some soul searching of your own, whether or not you should be driving a car! Let's face it, age isn't helping us, come on old people, I am one of you, I'm 86. Give it up! Show your maturity. Quit while you are ahead and give your family peace of mind.

We won't be such a worry to the public or our families if we aren't on the roads with our failing eye sight, loss of hearing, and slower reflex actions than we think we have! I have seen some close calls and poor judgment. You probably think "it takes me to know me", maybe so, but like you I'll not admit it!

We certainly don't have to keep driving just to brag that "at my age I can still do it", maybe you just think you can. Another scary thing is drivers with Alzheimer's Dementia are still out there!

Think of the money you will be saving. No car insurance, repairs or gas to pay for! With that money you can ride the buses or take a taxi, maybe they will give a Senior Rate? And good old walking is good for us. We all have friends or family that we can ask, all we have to do is learn to ask.

I hear you say, "But I'll lose my independence!" No you won't, you can still get around, this is where you assert your independence - ask for a ride. And think about it, we don't go out as much anymore anyway.

If you are saying, "I'm going to drive 'till I die!" Just don't take anyone with you, it probably isn't their choice! Don't be so selfish! As I said, I'm 86 years of age and have a clean driver's record, for which I thank God for both. I also thank God for my peace of mind. While it is my choice not to drive, I'm thankful for not being forced to quit. The time has come!

I'm sure more of you should make this choice too. My friend, the truth hurts, but let's be brave and face it.



Patricia M. Davidson
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 19, 2008 - Published June 19, 2008



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