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RE: Stimulus Checks
By Misty Archibald


June 14, 2008

When I drive by the low income housing units around town and I see hummers parked outside in resident spaces, quite honestly I can say that that really ticks me off. We have people all over the country who abuse the system. They claim their minimum wage salary, but not the $100-$200 they make in tips from various jobs.

Worse yet we get people who don't even bother trying to get a job and they just live quite comfortably off of the tax dollars from those with a strong work ethic. Unfortunately these are the ones who ruin it for all the people who worked and slaved all their lives to end up getting nil in the end.

Only the voice of the people can change it. We have the power to elect leaders who will bring about change. How many of you out there even know what our local and state leaders stand for? It is important.

Misty Archibald
Ketchikan, AK

About: " I'm a lifelong resident of Ketchikan, a hard worker and an honest taxpayer."

Received June 12, 2008 - Published June 14, 2008


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