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Bravo to Susan Round!
By Denise Buker


June 14, 2008

Over the past few years I have noticed that in this town, customer service has declined, severely. The level of respect for elders and others has dwindled away!!

How do we expect this town to thrive with all of the tourist industry if "YOU GUYS" that are being hired to provide customer service in this town continually insult and disrespect people? Do you business owners not see this happening in your stores throughout a workday? I noticed a sign in a downtown business the other day and was appalled! It read: "If you tipped us maybe we could go on a cruise like you". Regardless of how it was meant to be received, that is very uncalled for!!

I have worked customer service in many different business settings and it is very hard to continually try to uphold a smile when you really want to scream!! But you DO IT, because that is what you were hired and trusted to do!! I have worked downtown in the middle of all of the cruise ship tourists, back when 5000 tourists a day were a lot. I could imagine it is a little different down there now with almost 12,000 down there at once, but always remember, customers, regardless of where they have come from, deserve your respect and care when visiting your stores, LOCALS included!!

Make me want to come downtown and shop!!

Think about it.

Denise Buker
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan resident for over 13 years, consider ketchikan my home"

Received June 11, 2008 - Published June 14, 2008


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