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U.S. Postal Service
By Robert McRoberts


June 10, 2008
Tuesday PM

I am just amazed at the stupidity of the U.S. Mail. It seems every few months the rates are going up. Well, I am sorry but if I buy stamps at 41 cents and you change the rates you should let me use up the stamps. For the first time this year I got caught up and paid all my bills on time. But then they start coming back to me because I owe 1 cent and now my payments are late.

It seems since you are run by the federal government and every one is at your mercy to mail their bills you can just keep upping the price just like it is oil. But to send them back to me and make every thing go through the whole system again all for a penny is very bad business. Since you got 41 cents the first time you are now doing it for a penny the second time. Old stamps should be good for a year.

Sitting in front of me I still have a roll of 39 cent stamps and 41 cent stamps, all out of date before I had a chance to mail a hundred bills. Sorry but it just shows bad management.

I just been quiet for too long. have a good day.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 10, 2008 - Published June 10, 2008


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