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Single issue voters are the real problem
By Mike Isaac


June 10, 2008
Tuesday PM

I just thought I would respond to a Anchorage resident post 5-27-08 who thought that my post ( Voters are the real problem ) was about all voters. Which is not true. However there are many people I know here in California and across the west that are voting for McCain just because he has a (R) next to his name and buys the lesser of two evils line. Others like her worry more about simple issues like gay marriage , the life choice issue, global warming, Iraq and family values.

To me voting is important but I worry about real issues that affect ONE'S DAY TO DAY LIFE. Income, sales and property taxes, the money being wasted in Iraq, the wide open borders, gas now between 4.35 and 4.79 a gallon, the value Dollar , the housing free fall and now maybe a recession and of course A FAILED ENERGY POLICY THANKS TO LAST TWO MORANS THAT SAT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Real issues and voting records are what matters, not feelings about some issue that affects less that 1% of the 300,000,000 Americans. As a Republican McCain will never get my vote just because he is the lesser of 2 evils.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: Former Ketchikan resident.

Received June 09, 2008 - Published June 10, 2008



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