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Obama's the one!
By Joseph Prows


June 10, 2008
Tuesday PM

Mark Neckameyer sure piped up to parrot the lukewarm party line with his recent post about Obama. I consider myself an Independent, but I couldn't be happier to be "stuck" with Obama. For the next eight years we're going to be "stuck" with an honest, intelligent, thoughtful, tactful, strategically brilliant President who represents ALL of America, not simply the "Haves and the Have-Mores"! Even Ron Paul prefers Obama over McCain.

Indeed, Obama had a controversial pastor, and a few people among the thousands and thousands he's known over the years have been associated with shady business. The Rezko deal is old, old news that only adds up to conspiracy if you believe "the internet", which can back up any conspiracy-mongering fool. Your hysterical fear of "young gangsters in positions of power in Washington" is code for you being scared of having a black man in the White House. Grow up. These are not real issues. Quit clouding the debate. Some grown-ups around here would like to talk about issues that matter.

I suppose with your next letter you'll be reminding us of Obama's middle name, and then perhaps throwing in a few references to something scary-sounding and Muslim? Oh please. Come up with something new. This is the same trash that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have been repeating over and over and over again, ad nauseum, and you, like the obedient unquestioning keyboard-soldier that you are, have nothing better to do than clog up a small Alaskan town's internet forum. Why are you even writing here? Have you ever even been to Ketchikan? Enough.

You, on this very forum, have over the past several years pushed endlessly for the Bush party line, which has made an utter disgrace of the Constitution and the reputation and power of the United States. I blame people like yourself for gas prices, the miserable state of our economy (a process of downfall that s barely begun), this pointless neverending war, inflation, and the fact that America has become an international laughing-stock. It is time for shills and trolls such as yourself to put a sock in it. If you honestly gave a rat's behind about corruption in politics, then why on God's green Earth did you vote for Bush? Even before his time in office is up, Bush is ALREADY known as the worst American president ever to have served. Throw the bums out!

Joseph Prows
Formerly of Ketchikan
New Orleans, LA

Received June 09, 2008 - Published June 10, 2008


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