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RE: The Democrats are stuck with Obama now
By David Ferrall


June 10, 2008
Tuesday PM

Mark Neckameyer you are really scared aren't you? Never thought I would read it from you, but you are. Maybe instead of one of your customary paranoid rants you should lay out how the Republicans are going to lower health care cost for working Americans, deal with Iraq, heal the economy and what their vision is for America (when we are dealing with $5.00 and up for gas). Maybe then you can convert someone into your paranoid camp.

Because the real issues matter to most intelligent hard working Americans. If folks are wondering now how Obama plans to tackle the real issues affecting their lives just go to his website and click on issues. Or watch Obama debate McCain then make your choice on what path you feel America should take and who has the vision, leadership and judgment skills to take us there. It may be Obama or it may be McCain, but most hard working Americans will make the best choice for their families and country based on real issues and not some right wing paranoid rant found on the Internet.

David Ferrall
Broooklyn, NY


Received June 09, 2008 - Published June 10, 2008


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