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The Democrats are stuck with Obama now
By Mark Neckameyer


June 08, 2008

The Democrats have all but officially nominated for the most powerful elected position on Earth a young, unknown, inexperienced and thoroughly unaccomplished candidate from the furthest left fringe of the party. The best way to judge Senator Obama's credentials and character is to evaluate his chosen associations. His friends include Bill Ayers and his wife who are unrepentant domestic terrorists and cop killers. His minister for twenty years has been the racist reverend Wright and other unsavory religious characters like Rev. Michael Pfleger and even a Louis Farakahn connection.

For all the bad characters we see in action on TV from that Trinity Church, the Obama connection that scares me the most is his extremely close personal and financial relationship with convicted Chicago gangster, extortionist, Arab American businessmanTony Rezko The connection of crooks, Mafia types and unethical politicians works like this; politicians need money to get elected. Political donations are difficult to come by so too much of the money comes from special interests and from out and out crooks who pay politicians in donations and gifts and then sell influence. This second style is the business Tony Rezko was convicted of on in sixteen Federal counts this week. One of Rezko's well paid government contacts has been Senator Obama. Rezko began cultivating Obama early in the Senator's career, was one of his first donors and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama's campaigns. . Rezko was responsible for as much as a seventh of Obama's total contributions in Obama's state Senate campaign. He was Obama's finance committee chairman. Rezko influenced friends to donate to Obama and he bought property at full price which he turned around and sold to Obama at well below market price. The house Obama lives in today was purchased partly with a Rezko deal. The Obama/Rezko relationship is well documented and can be found detailed on the Internet. A lot of money is involved here too. Former state agency director Ali Ata, a one-time business associate of Rezko, was paid more than $6.5 million in rent on four state office leases despite failing for years to disclose his partners in the deals as required, state and court records show. Anybody considering voting for Obama should check this out first. Obama has even given jobs on his Senate staff to Rezko associates.

That's just what we need, young gangsters in positions of power in Washington! My worries here are threefold. 1. What kind of bad judgement does Obama demonstrate being in a relationship with Rezko? 2. With dealings like this, the public gets bad services. The best person does not get the job. It goes to the one who pays off the most! 3. What kind of blackmail might Rezko have over Obama that he might use later? Certainly he can expect a pardon if Obama gets elected. He paid for that! The former Governor of Illinois has been convicted of crimes connected to Rezko. The current governor is in jeopardy and as Barack Obama has been a Rezko protegee going back to his law school days, voters should think very hard about what it would mean to upgrade the schemes from the State to our top Federal government level.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received June 05, 2008 - Published June 08, 2008



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