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Reverend Pflagler Quid Pro Quo?
By Mark Neckameyer


June 02, 2008

Rev. Michael Pfleger, the race baiting, rabble rousing proclaimed buddy of Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Senator Barack Obama, clearly went way over the line this week in his loudly cheered racist, anti-feminist tirade at Wright/Obama's Trinity church. He sounded every bit as terrible as any White Supremacist or Klansman ever has on the other extreme side as he mocked and belittled Hillary Clinton and the entire White race. As soon as the video got out, Obama faintly rejected the man and even Pflager made a halfhearted apology but is this enough?

Senator Obama has called Pflagler his "spiritual counselor" much as he did with the now infamous Rev. Wright. Pflagler until recently was a major factor in "Catholics for Obama". The scariest part is Obama donated $100,000.00 to Pflagler to use in various Chicago projects. This was not his own money of course, Obama gave his radical preacher friend $100,000.00 of taxpayer money tucked into a piece of legislation already voted on; one of those infamous "earmarks" Obama uses so freely, a Congressional device opposed by John McCain. After his group received the taxpayer funds Pflagler made contributions to Obama's campaign. I wonder where this money came from! Isn't this FBI investigation material? Isn't this one of those quid pro quos they talk about where the politician rewards a donor who then "kicks back" some of the loot?

As a Republican I had hoped Senator Obama would be selected by the Democrats as I reasoned that his scant experience and extreme left-wing views would make him easier to defeat and I wanted John McCain to win the Presidency next November. Now I am afraid I might get what I wished for. What if Obama does get elected bringing the Farrakahans, Pflaglers and Wrights, racists all, into power with him? This is going to be a very scary few months, I seriously believe our Republic is perhaps threatened by this bunch more seriously than at any prior time in our history.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received May 30, 2008 - Published June 02, 2008



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