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Damen Bell-Holter
By A. M. Johnson


June 02, 2008


Was not the article on Demen Bell-Holter in Saturday's issue of the Ketchikan Daily News uplifting, inspiring,gratifying and compelling? Mr. Cohen caught the spirit of this lad in words that can only encourage other like mined young persons to take it up another notch. Particularly noticed was the candor relating to his desire to succeed at every opportunity and his expectations of having to demonstrate this desire at the college level.

One can only tip one's hat to Mother Cherilyn Holter for her apparent fortitude in support of the good decisions the Denmen has made in his young life. His exposure to Jerry Scudnero and Doug Nausid says volumes of his choosing mentors. That he singles out Archie Young is notable. This is a young man who is an inspiration to all that he makes contact with. Archie's work ethic, a trait of his family, Frank Young, is on display whether it is work or sports. It is little wonder that Demen includes Archie.

His choosing a college with the intent of achieving a meaningful degree, rather than a stepping stone to an athletic end is a pointing statement. His wanting to become a better person first then a better basketball player is a complement to his personality, family and those who have supported and continue to support his goal.
God Bless his efforts.

As Carlos Boozer's name is mentioned, it should be noted that Carlos has developed into a wonderful role model for inspiring students to mimic. He could have blown his success but didn't. he made the very most of every opportunity and in return has a reputation of good deeds, good will, a good son, father and husband..

Southeast Alaska must be proud of both these young men. We surely need to encourage those following to pick up the pace, ignoring the heckling of those who can not keep up or have given up. The hecklers would not cut it in a "Open Gym".

My best to you Demen.


Ketchikan, AK


Received May 31, 2008 - Published June 02, 2008


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