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Anderes Oil Takes 2nd Place in Playoffs; Plays FSA Thursday
By Ashley DeBoer


June 27, 2007

Ketchikan, Alaska - Anderes Oil and Tongass were tied for 3rd place in the Ketchikan Little League Major League Playoffs when the teams met Tuesday - the game that would determine which team would claim 2nd place and play FSA Thursday.

jpg Anderers Oil team member

Anderes Oil team member Craig DeBoer just before
hitting the pitch that brings Isaiah Novales in for a win.
Photograph by Ashley DeBoer

During Tuesday's game, Anderes Oil and Tongass were close the first five innings however at the top of the last inning, Tongass was up to bat and took the lead, 8 - 6.

When Anderes Oil is up to bat, it's all or nothing. Two runners come in bringing the game to a tie. With Isaiah Novales on 3rd base and Joe Berry on 1st base the crowd is tense. With two outs, the last batter up for Anderes Oil is Craig DeBoer. The pressure was on. Pitch one, DeBoer hits a foul ball. With the next pitch, DeBoer hits the ball and Novales runs home bringing the score to 9- 8, claiming a win for Anderes Oil.

The crowd is roaring and Anderes Oil players run the field and are patting DeBoer and Novales on the back and jumping and screaming over the team's victory.

Anderes Oil will go up against FSA on Thursday night at 5:30 pm for the 1st place title.



About the writer:

Ashley DeBoer is a Ketchikan youth interested in writing about youth activities.


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