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Cruise and Fishing Vessels Collide


June 25, 2007

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of a vessel collision between the cruise vessel Spirit of Yorktown and the fishing vessel Adirondack. The collision occurred at about 1:00 a.m. today in Chatham Strait on the southeastern end of Catherine Island in Southeast Alaska. No injuries were reported.

 The Coast Guard Command Center in Juneau received a notification from the Spirit of Yorktown that the collision had occurred shortly after the event. They reported no injuries and that they were dispatching a small boat to the fishing vessel to see if the crew of the Adirondack required assistance.

The collision did not damage the cruise vessel but did damage the fishing vessel leaving them unable to maneuver. The Good Samaritan vessel Guardian took the Adirondack in tow to Sitka. The Coast Guard has maintained a two hour communications schedule with the vessel and no further assistance has been required. The vessel is due into Sitka this afternoon. 

Upon arrival in Sitka the Coast Guard will inspect the Adirondack and take crew accounts of the incident. The Spirit of Yorktown is due into Petersburg Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. The vessel will undergo the same inspection and crew's accounts will be taken by Coast Guard personnel.

The Spirit of Yorktown is a 257-foot Cruise West vessel with a crew of 40. The vessel can accommodate up to 138 guests. It has a year-round cruising schedule that includes Alaska and south, through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean. The Adirondack is a 58-foot seiner from Seattle with a crew of four.


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