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Solution: Clean water tank
By Amber Williams-Baldwin



June 29, 2007
Friday PM

Many a time did my family have to buy water. My parent's house out south of Ketchikan would often run out in the summer months. I know the drivers and the owners very well and after 18 years I know the quality.

The rust or murkiness is often because of kick-up or stirring caused when the new water is pumped in. Rain water wouldn't do this because the force isn't strong enough. I was always raised to change the filter after water delivery, and not to drink it for a few days. Also those tanks that haul water are cleaned and tested.

Anyway if there's rust in your tank you should get it looked at, better yet get the tank cleaned out -- I would think every 3 years or so depending on the trees around you.

Those guys work long hours and have pulled for us in the past working 48 hours straight so mothers with babies could have warm baths and hot water for bottled milk.

A few years ago when water was short everywhere and the waiting list was 2 weeks, they got to us in under 5 days. I think it was 10 pm and my family gave him some type of home baked bread and he broke off a hunk and started eating on the spot, I think it was the first food he'd had all day.

When you know they're pulling long hours give them a cup of coffee and snack -- it'll go a long way with thanking them.

Amber Williams-Baldwin
Lakewood, WA

Received June 28, 2007 - Published June 29, 2007

About: A former resident of Ketchikan


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