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Airport access & accommodations
By Roberts McRoberts



June 27, 2007

I seem to have missed something. With the road torn up in front of the airport ferry terminal. why were there no connections added for a rest room on the Ketchikan side? It seems this would have been a really good time to take care of this. We can make long term parking bigger but forget about the ones that need to go while waiting for friends and family, ferry, bus, or cab. This has bothered me for some time. But yea, there's the problem of the ticket booth. Some time from now we are going to have people going to other than just the airport - at least with 25 miles of roads going in you would think let's just put a ticket booth on each side.

Why don't we also put in a heated tunnel from the baggage pickup to the ferry loading slip? There could be a conveyer to set your bags on, or the whole thing one big conveyer, just like you're in a big airport. Just our subway system is a ferry. Think about it. A little road realignment and traffic would not have to be so close to the terminal. Change is coming. And just in case we never get the big dream bridge of so few, we will not really care because we will have the coolest way to the airport. If we change our views, we could afford that so much sooner in our short lives.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK


Thought about running for mayor, but would take borough manager. I figure if I still couldn't control things I might get blamed for helping the local way of life. And just a reminder to all of you who complain about the road construction, if the plans are all screwed up at the beginning, how can you blame the contractor? When you have to be the low bidder to get a job, you get the quality of the lower bidder.

Received June 27, 2007 - Published June 27, 2007


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