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Gravina highway
By Laine Chanteloup



June 27, 2007

The runners were ready to go. What was eminent had finally happened.

The Gravina Highway construction started. Gravina is blazing. The runners are now hotfooted.

It is the beginning of a new era for Gravina Island.

Hello logging and clearcutting, hello development and road!!! Hello money, hello Murkowski property! Bonjour!

Adieu subsistence harvest! Adieu quiet hiking in wilderness! Adieu to the specificity of Gravina Island, Island so close to civilization but at the same time so natural and true... Goodbye!

What a shame that nobody could put a stop to this stupid highway for an unbuilt bridge. What a shame that Gravina's inhabitants do not act for their exceptional island and put a stop its construction. What a waste, all the story of Gravina development.

It is just the beginning of the harm. Perhaps if residents have a jolt of pride for Gravina, they will act.

I am a dreamer, I believe people can always change their attitude and decide to act.

So, the race has begun but it is far from over and Ketchikan residents still have time to act in Gravina's favor. Over the political party, over the old resentment against environmentalists, there is a right choice concerning Gravina: at the moment there is an inane highway project costing 8 million dollars per mile, which goes nowhere, which means nothing more than money, logging, and difficult loss. It is time to fight!

Waiting for the right decision, Gravina is blazing!!!

Laine Chanteloup
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 27, 2007 - Published June 27, 2007

About: Laine Chanteloup is an intern at the Tongass Conservation Society, Chanteloup studied political ecology in Fairbanks.


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