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Bridges & Roads
By LeiLani Lake



June 25, 2007
Monday PM

It absolutely amazes me the amount of ruckus being made about the 3 miles of road on Gravina and our "bridge to nowhere". Give me a break - the bridge would not be going to nowhere is goes somewhere depending on which island you are on at the time. The airport and Ketchikan are both somewhere I believe. If you looked at every bridge or road from a narrow point of view there would be no roads or bridges anywhere. It all depends on your point of view. Does anyone in Ketchikan really care about a bridge or road in Tennessee? But they are built and the people using them used our federal highway dollars to do so.

I was in Louisiana last year and from what I could see, the entire lower portion of that state has one viaduct or another for use as their road system. Call the road system a viaduct or a bridge but I have never seen anything quite like it before. Louisiana has the lowest living standard in our country, someone has to pay for all these roads, and it is you and I along with all the other tax paying people of our nation that pay for it.

In my opinion, Ketchikan should have the bridge and the road and there should not be any question. We need the road for access just like any other community wanting access to there surroundings and in our case an airport that happens to be on another island.

LeiLani Lake
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 25, 2007 - Published June 25, 2007

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