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Ketchikan folks are amazing
By Sheryl Howe



June 21, 2007

When was the last time any recent writers have written to say how great our town is?

I'm writing this today to say a HUGE thank you to Pam, Jackie and Eileen from A Woman's Place here in Ketchikan. Sometimes with all the griping and complaining about how monies are spent and who said what, or even who has done something wrong here in our town, one thing I have not seen more of lately is just how this small town works together when a person is in medical need!!!

I recently went north for a medical procedure that was a huge scare for me and family along with my co-workers and employer. We have no insurance like most families in town. Our scare was breast cancer. I've fought it in the past.

To my amazement, this community was overwhelming. Guardian Flight was able to purchase my air fare and ABC (Alaska Breast and Cervical) helped with the cost.

Along with the above financial help, associates that I do business with in regards to my employer (Westside Service) and strangers put me and my family in their prayer chains.

I had surgery and 38 stitches later and with a clean bill of health, I am home with my family and friends.

Thank you Pat, Woody, Brett, Charlie, Dorica, Tracy, Don and Kyle (my boss and co-workers) for all your support and understanding. If it wasn't for the help and support of Ketchikan I would of never received the care that I needed due to lack of funds.

To my husband and my mom, the last few months have been hard to face concerning my health, with help and support of Ketchikan I've made it through and am on the road to full recovery.

Maybe the people that like to complain about this town and feel as if everyone is just out for money - maybe you should rethink that idea.

We could live in a huge city where no one cares about one another.

Sheryl Howe
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 21, 2007 - Published June 21, 2007

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