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Ketchikan's Road to Nowhere
By Ken Levy



June 18, 2007
Monday PM

In response to Carol Cairnes on her letter about the new road ,let me just say that when politics are involved nothing is ever off the table. All we did in the last election was replace one Republican with another. If the powers that be want to build a road, or a bridge, it will happen.

Remember the election in Ketchikan on whether or not we should build new berths for the cruise ships? Well ,I remember it failed. But the powers that be did it anyway.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.Palin and her Republican buddies will do whatever they want.You can "Cry me a river" but its like spitting into the wind.

What will be, will be.That's a fact, it's all about money.

Ken Levy
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 18, 2007 - Published June 18, 2007

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