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Alaska State Pension Investments
By A. M. Johnson



June 18, 2007
Monday PM


For public knowledge:

Our State of Alaska Pension (API) Investment board has placed 24% of available retirement funds with companies that are doing business with the terrorist counties that are threatening or are in the supportive act of killing Americans.

24% amounts to $1,643,523,059.00. The countries involved and the number of companies doing business with them with investment by the API

Iran- 68 companies
Libya-22 companies
North Korea- 8 companies
Sudan-25 companies
Syria-34 companies

It will be assumed that the Alaska Permanent Fund is making similar investments and to a similar percentage, as this is the norm range of investment percentage for all 50 States

It would behoove both the pension investment board, and the Alaska Permanent Fund board review their investment holdings to diverse both, and all State funds from any purchase of stock of any companies doing business with these terror anointed countries.

Economic activity to reduce funds for these involved companies will encourage them to discontinue doing business with these countries or face the loss of billions of investment dollars. All 50 states are guilty of investing their respective State investment funds in these companies.

I would encourage all patriotic citizens reading this post, review this information (pdf). It would be quite proper to notify any State legislators of any State you may have access to and bring the situation to those in responsible position to make changes or at the very least bring the matter to the attention to them.

By restricting funds available for these companies, in turn putting economic pressure on these rouge countries will serve effectively with our military and foreign affairs efforts to make changes in these countries governments.

It is the height of folly to fund companies doing business with those who are killing our sons and daughters, Fathers, friends, and other relationships.

I have sent the data to both Senator Stedman and Representative Johansen and expect a quick positive response with action taken to bring this matter into the public eye and legislative venue for legislative statue action. It is the very lest we can do for our country and our military.


Ketchikan, AK

Received June 16, 2007 - Published June 18, 2007



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