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Approach to energy independence is just dumb
By Mark Neckameyer



June 15, 2007
Friday PM

Letter to the Editor

Congress' new approach to Energy independence is just dumb. Today's big supposed gas saver is mandating car companies increase fleet mileage by close to 50% by 2020. How are they going to do that? If Detroit or anyone else could make more efficient cars, they surely would because consumer demand is there for more efficient cars. Consumers would love to save money by getting better mileage and the auto maker that gets there first will generate great sales and profits. We call that CAPITALISM.

Diane Fienstein, our wonderfully Liberal California Senator, praised the way the Chinese mandate fuel efficiency. Is Ms. Fienstein recommending Chinese Communist style government meddling in free enterprise generally or just with the auto industry? How about the way the Chinese Communists mandate family size? Good Idea Senator Feinstein? Why not debate opening the North Slope or the Gulf Of Mexico or the California coast for more oil exploration? How about cranking up nuclear energy like they do in Europe or simplifying gasoline formulation rules? We need more oil and more efficient gasoline manufacturing, not more dumb quotas and laws!

Anybody notice higher grocery bills lately? Congress is busy mandating more ethanol in our fuel. This ethanol is grown on farmland that used to grow wheat for bread and feed for cattle. The 7% our grocery bills have gone up this Spring constitute a hidden gas tax. Mid-West congressmen from farm states are happy. I am not! Besides, notice how Congress passes these laws to take effect fifteen or twenty years from now when they will likely all be retired or hopefully defeated! They get to claim that they accomplished something yet they ... The way my teenage grandson would say it, they don't do squat!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received June 13, 2007 - Published June 15, 2007

About: "I am currently a 90% California Resident who vacations and cruises to the Alaska Coast every year to vacation and fish with plans to make it 50% Alaska residency next year when my wife and I retire. I can't wait!"



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