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The senior class of 2007 had a party and......
By Ardath Piston



June 09, 2007

Hey seniors! I heard you threw a killer bash at Coast Guard Beach to celebrate your graduation. You forgot one thing left the beach a mess. It was appalling to see the amount of garbage strewn from one end of the beach to the other. Burned sleeping bags, tents, broken chairs, used condoms, used Tampax, and pads, vomit, human feces, toilet paper, food, and worst of all shattered beer and liquor bottles all over the sand.

You have graduated and are working your way into the adult world; it is time to act like adults. A big part of being an adult is to take responsibility for your actions. So, step up and clean up that beach. Lucky for you some kind souls have already gotten all the garbage into one place. I recommend taking a skiff in on high tide and hauling it out because there is just too much to haul back up the trail.

As a side note, it is not my place to explain to these young people why it is not "cool" to throw glass and other litter around a beach frequented by families with children and pets. That would be the place of their parents and other mentors in their lives. It's all about respect...self respect, respect for nature, and respect for our fellow citizens.

Ardath Piston
Co-chair Ketchikan Beaches Association
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 08, 2007 - Published June 09, 2007



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