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More Excuses at UAS
By Robert D. Warner



June 03, 2007

Dear Sitnews Editor:

University of Alaska Southeast administrators seem quite busy this summer trying to think up more excuses for continuing drops in enrollments at UAS Ketchikan Campus. Several reasons have been given including the loss of educational grants, fewer nursing classes, and a lengthy campus remodeling project. If the University hired a couple of additional administrators, perhaps even more excuses could be identified and promoted.

Is this recent campus remodeling project an example of how students are treated at UAS? Prior to 1987, when Ketchikan campus was organized as a accredited community college, most remodeling and upgrading of campus facilities were planned for summer months when few if any classes were scheduled. If projects could not fit into a single summer, they were placed "on hold" during the regular school year, and completed the following summer. To have the campus disrupted for a year and a half shows that remodeling administrative offices was a first priority and students came second.

An issue never mentioned as a cause of falling enrollments is the complete loss of local campus autonomy. Since 1987, campus policy and decisions have been dictated by a troyka of administrators in Juneau. Has there ever been any opportunity for the local community to assess and evaluate the performance of these administrators? One wonders if they have ever had a meaningful evaluation.

Why is it necessary for bureaucrats in Juneau to dictate Ketchikan Campus policy? In my opinion, Ketchikan Campus will remain "dead in the water" until new UAS leadership is found and local autonomy is restored. Until this happens, enrollments are likely to continue declining and the value of Ketchikan Campus to the community will be marginal at best.


Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 31, 2007 - Published June 03, 2007



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