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Borrow and Spend
By Robert Rice



June 03, 2007

I have just read of the first cry, of this absurdly early campaign season about "tax and spend Democrats".

Every Republican president since Ronald Reagan has shattered all previous deficit spending records. Bill Clinton, our last Democrat president left a budget surplus. My feelings as a parent and grandparent are that I would hope to leave my family something besides a bunch of unpaid bills. One of the problems with social security that doesn't get mentioned is the hundreds of billions of dollars that were borrowed, (maybe trillions) and there seems to be no way to repay. I will much more readily accept "tax and spend" as opposed to what should be the Republican slogan of "Borrow and Spend".


R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 31, 2007 - Published June 03, 2007

About: A persistent voter and occasional demonstrator.



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