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Governor Calls Second Special Session


June 24, 2006

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski is calling the Alaska Legislature into special session beginning July 12, 2006 to consider his proposals to revise oil production taxes and amend the Stranded Gas Development Act.

"We have two main objectives on which we are working with legislators in this special session," Murkowski said. "We want the oil production tax revised because we are losing $3.2 million each day under the current tax regime. And we would like the Legislature to give us the authorities we need under the Stranded Gas Act to return to the negotiating table with the producers and seek revisions to the contract."

Murkowski said, "As we have been listening to Alaskans over the past two months or so, we have consistently heard their concerns over about a dozen provisions in the contract that we need to clarify, re-negotiate or otherwise revise. We intend to press forward on those changes to achieve a contract the Alaska public can enthusiastically support. Now is the time to act."

"We have listened and continue to listen to Alaskans voice their opinions about the gas pipeline contract." The schedule for the third phase of the public hearing process will soon be announced. "Responsive government depends on active citizens, and I urge Alaskans to stay informed and be involved." said Murkowski.

Thirty-seven trillion cubic feet of gas would be accessed by the new gas pipeline - that is the equivalent of six billion barrels of oil.


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