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New Alaska health data statistics web site goes live


June 07, 2006

Today a new web site designed to provide easier, quicker access to comprehensive data and statistics about the health status of Alaskans was activated, hosted by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health.

"Timely and relevant health information has always been an important product of public health," said the state's Public Health Director, Dr. Richard Mandsager. "We hope this site is a helpful navigational tool for everyone interested in the health status of Alaskans - researchers, policymakers, community leaders, health professionals, students, members of the media and others."

The web site is a compilation of information on births, deaths, newly diagnosed cases of cancer, injuries, occupational conditions and illnesses, health behaviors and other topics. Much of this information has been available electronically for years, but this is the first time it has been linked to a single web site.

"We put together a workgroup of experienced public health professionals to lead this project. One of the first things they discovered was that even they weren't aware of some of the valuable data already available on our various web sites," Dr. Mandsager said. "The main idea behind the web site's design is that you shouldn't have to be an expert Internet navigator to find our information."

The Alaska Center for Health Data and Statistics web site will be updated regularly as new data are released and new statistical reports are published. As the Web site evolves, it is possible more data will be added from other divisions within the department and perhaps from other state agencies.

Users are encouraged to send comments or suggestions for improvements via a feedback form found on the web site.


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