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RE: Consolidation: What they don't want you to know
By Gregory Fast


June 28, 2006

Rodney Dial, where have you been for the last 2 years? The consolidation committee has had numerous public meetings. If you had concerns, why didn t you voice them at one of these forums? It is so much easier to be negative, go on the attack, and put down the work of others, isn't it?

Gregory Fast
Ketchikan, AK - uSA

About: Gregory Fast has been a resident of Ketchikan since 1979. He grew up in Detroit. As a a boy, he watched the lifeblood (money) being sucked out of the city as the suburbs grew. All of the wealthy people moved outside of the city limits and there was no money left to pay for any of the city services leaving the city as a desolate urban war zone.


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