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Fed up with break-ins
By Beckie Allen


June 26, 2006

This is in response to Mike Brownstead's letter to the criminals breaking into homes north of Ketchikan.

This is not the only area being targeted by these punks. The Cambria Subdivision recently had four homes that were burglarized. These individuals were bold enough to enter the garages of the homes while the occupants slept and stole cash, debit cards, expensive electronics and items with great sentimental value. Not only did they take material items they took away our sense of security.

If you are like me, I used to feel safe in my own home. I never felt like I had to take extra precautions just to sleep at night. Now I do! For your own safety, check and lock every door and window before you go to bed each night and before you leave your house each day. You never know which neighborhood these criminals have been casing!

Ketchikan keep your eyes open, if you see suspicious activity write down every detail and report it the the police or troopers. Maybe with your help, these individuals will be caught and punished.

Beckie Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Another Homeowner fed up with break-ins!


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