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Global Warming Jihadists were out yesterday in full force.
By Marvin Seibert


June 23, 2006

EARTH HOTTEST IT'S BEEN IN 2,000 YEARS!!! The headlines are ear-spliting today that thanks to global warming, the Earth is now hotter than it's been in 2,000 years! Boy, we've really screwed up the planet, haven't we? It's now supposedly warmer than it was when Jesus was hanging around. The National Academy of Sciences, whoever they are, using climate data for the last 200 years they have decided that humans are responsible for making the Earth hotter than it's been in the last 2,000 years.

The temperature data barely goes back 200 years... and now they know how hot the Earth was 2,000 years ago? Supposedly they used data gathered from tree rings, lake sediments and so forth to determine how hot it was all that time ago. But that is an educated guess and not fact. And by the way, buried at the end of the news story is a fact the global warming Jihadists don't want you to know.

The overall temperature of the Northern Hemisphere only rose 1 degree in the 20th century. 1 degree! That's some global warming.

Also no one talks about how the Sun Temperature has also risen in the past years, we wouldn't want to confuse the issue with the facts.

Remember Global Warming is a religion not Real science, but Junk Science!

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO - USA

About: "I currently reside in Colorado Springs and enjoys visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people."


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