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1931 Ford roadster
By Lynn Claughton


June 23, 2006

I purchased a 1931 Ford roadster from Mr Carole Fader in 1974. I still have this old roadster today! It is undergoing a major restoration. We value it very much and all the stories that I have heard about it during its many years in Ketchikan. It was shipped to Ketchikan NEW in 1931 to the LIBBY OAKSMITH FORD DEALERSHIP THERE IN TOWN, or so I have been told. Prior to 1974, the old Model A had always been in Ketchikan.

If anyone can share a memory or may recall seeing this old Ford around town or remember it in a parage as Fader used it for carrying political types in parades when they visited town, I would most enjoy hearing from you. May I say a good word about Mr Fader who I purchased the car from. He was most honest and forthright in how he presented the car. I wonder about any of the Fader family still in Ketchikan. I presume Mr Fader is not alive today?

I have not yet read all of the information contained in this web site but, look forward to doing so. THE HISTORIC CONTENT OF THIS WEBSITE IS MOST IMPRESIVE. I LOOK FORWARD TO LEARNING MORE!

I also look foreward to a response from you and any of the good folks of Ketchikan AK.

Lynn Claughton

Marysville, WA - USA



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