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Big Fan
By Carl Thompson


June 22, 2006

I just want to take a moment and thank the Webmaster of SitNews. Mary Kauffman spends countless hours at her computer putting together the stories and photos that we all enjoy so much. The unique thing about SitNews is how much it costs you to enjoy it. There is no better bargain anywhere. I would like to encourage anyone out there who enjoys SitNews to take a moment and drop a short email to the Webmaster and let her know you appreciate her hard work and maybe what it is about SitNews that you enjoy most. It would only take a moment and I know she would appreciate the positive feedback. Putting together the SitNews website is an art form. Anyone who has ever tried to do their own website can appreciate that. This Webmaster is definitely an artist and I am one of her biggest fans.

Carl Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Carl Thompson is a long time resident of Ketchikan, a Corrections Officer, and photographer.



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