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Marines and sailor charged with murder an outrage
By Ash Gee'd


June 22, 2006

Seven Marines and a sailor have been charged with murder in the April death of an Iraqi civilian, this is outrage. We call upon our nation warriors to fight the enemy in foreign lands, and often the enemy is a man dressed in civilian attire equipped with the standard Russian AK-47 and when latching out to fight, and kill our soldiers in harm's way. The local inhabitants cry murder when they engaged the highly professional skilled Marine who is programmed to do his job, However when the enemy cries they are playing unfair.

The Marines after many hours of intense training defend our nation's values, and answer to call of our President (The over-all commander in chief). The Marine has a game to play like the one in Vietnam. Try to stay alive, and when they kill your friend in an ambush, and plant booby-traps everywhere, excuse me! An IUD has blown up half the squad or section. The Politician is deciding the rules engagement for war. Deciding the fighting soldier is to play fair or pretend, to respond in a friendly manner, in a highly intense combat situation. Give me a break! If you do want, our soldiers and sailors ordered to kill in combat! Then what in god's name are our nation's warriors doing in harm's way in a country that would like to kill every infidel, or westerner, that sets foot on the soil of Iraq, and Afghanistan. Who are we kidding?

Is this game of life or death, the few and proud are willing to give their lives for our Country. Our justice system may have the seven Marines, and a sailor face the death penalty afterwards. This country is sending our young people mixed messages. "You're dammed if you do, or dam,ed if you do not!" The military slogan should state: "Come join the fight against terrorists and play a game of catch 22! Do and die! Moreover, we will call you a liar, and killer. If you are not killed by a man with an AK-47 or roadside bomb, you will have no limbs, come home, and live it over, and over again! If you pull the trigger to kill a civilian equipped with an AK-47 moments, before trying to end your life, you will be sent home to face the death penalty. Do or die! Play, and pay with your life.

From a Native American Veteran who served Please do not punish the brave. Embrace our nations few the Marines & Sailors, and our Army soldiers, and Airman, National Guard, Coast guard. So many have already given their lives. Find it in our hearts on behalf of the Nation to give freedom to them. For they have given us freedom. The war is not a popular war, however what war has ever been! Do not ignore what is taking place in Camp Pendleton USMC base. America please Help those Young Men and Women who serve.


Ash Gee'd
Member of the First Nations People (gitlaan)Tshimsean Nation
Veteran served in the USMC.
Cpl. Ash gee'd.
DD214, Honorable discharge. (1981-1985)
Lawrence, KS - USA

PS: To the brave.

Few years ago, watching the news on T.V the twin towers unfolded, before my eyes. Black smoke filled the New York sky, and many running for their lives. We the people raised their right hands, yes! Those young Marines sitting behind bars facing death once again. Here I stand in dismay, holding my nation's flag given to my father who served before me with tears dropping on my mother's floor. I look at his picture placed next to my grandfather's picture. My grandfather served many years before. My nation is once again calling, but the recruiter told me I was too old. I served in a time of peace; however, my heart is demanding to serve again. Maybe, I could help the Vets when they return home. Some will come home to no family and friends; some will come home without their limbs. The brave, who had cheated death, only to face a life, of learning to move again. Sadness, and depression will follow please extend your hand to help them.

About: Ash Gee'd writes... "Born and raised in the state of Alaska. I Graduate from Annette Island Jr-Sr high in May 1980. A few years ago, I decided to attend college. Middle aged, and still had the desire to learn I managed to earn the Bachelor of Science in Technical Management degree (BSTM) June of 2005. My name is Ash-Geed from the Tshimsean nation. If you can- not pronounce it, I will not take offense. I am former Marine and I served during a time of peace from 1981-1985. "The Marines, conducted a rescue mission on the Island of Grenada in October of 1983, and was on a so called peace mission in Lebanon. Their assignment was to guard the Beirut International Airport. A truck and the suicide driver crashed and broke though the entrance, a young Marine equipped with an M-16, and six rounds, no hand grenades or antitank rockets (the standard MO for a Marine guard back then!)- confused by the rules of engagement tried to stop the truck. The improvised Truck had been fortified with armor. It broke though, and killed 300 Marines and few Sailors. If you may, allow my opinion about the seven Marines, and Sailor facing murder charges. I would like to take time and thank you for your undivided attention Sit-news.




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